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Happy Father's Day

We had a great church service today! We praised Jesus, give honor to fathers, and selected an interim pastor. Wanda and Diana did an amazing job of decorating and doing the programs for today's service. Tommy Kitts orchestrated the order of service for us and started everything off right by bring the congregation up front to pray for the day, specifically for God to enable the Kagleys church body to have discernment in our voting today. Tracy Caughron did an amazing job honoring the fathers out there in the congregation. As the service went on, we had up to five guests come online and watch our live Facebook feed. One person even asked us to pray for her city and a few friends of hers. Then, Kenny and Pam did such an amazing job keeping praising our Lord Jesus Christ that the congregation was filled with the Spirit as God moved around our midst. Here are some photos below:

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